After 8 years, Cesco’s has closed its doors

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has closed its doors


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A Taste of Tradition

Cesco’s (chess-ko’s) Trattoria (trah-tuh-ree-uh) is
a dream come true for Aldo Chiamulera & his family.

Aldo grew up in the mountains of Belluno and became passionate for creating extraordinary Italian cuisine inspired by authentic family recipes from his beloved Babbo, Francesco (Cesco) who he named the Trattoria after. Aldo was born and raised in the Veneto region of nothern Italy in the small town of Tai di Cadore. Cadore is a comune (municipality) in the province of Belluno located about 110 km north of Venice. La gente (the people) live simply, attuned to and appreciative of the natural landscape and its fruits.Like its inhabitants, Cadore cuisine is characterized by its simplicity: a rustic and hearty blend of the freshest ingredients available, from lamb and cured meats to wild mushrooms, homemade piave and polenta, all lovingly and meticulously prepared to celebrate and enjoy with family, friends and even strangers. Aldo and his kitchen staff prepare meals from the heart with a blend of fresh, green market ingredients, bold flavors and simplicity.

Cesco’s Trattoria carries the Chiamulera family name. It signifies generations of preparing exceptional food and a passion to make it happen. The menu is an exciting blend of traditional and fanciful takes on classic Italian dishes from various regions of Italy. Cesco’s is committed to using the best local, organic ingredients that are inspired by the seasons. Aldo and his wife Barbara hope to follow the best of Italian tradition at Cesco’s: caring hospitality, comfortable surrounding and quality at the table and in the glass. “Cesco’s is our interpretation of the best we have come to know in the Italian culture of family where it is best and most often celebrated, at the dinner table”